Bronies. An ever-growing culture (consisting primarily of while males) that idolizes a television show originally created for young girls. Most would call them perverts or argue how disgusting they must be. However, the PBS video made a good point that at one time in our society it was seen as “gross” for girls to wear pants, the same is to be said about men watching My Little Pony. The fact that there has been a hug subculture built around this entire show was quite surprising. There have been tons and tons of fan art created, conventions and many other types of fan based methods of celebrating the show all over the Internet as well as in real life. One question that was raised from watching these videos was “is it entirely terrible for both men and young girls to be idolizing this show?” This might be the first television show that seems to be around for the long haul that has legitimate role models in it. Personally I would much rather idolize a fictional character who experiences real life problems and has to make decisions just like any other person, than someone such as Miley Cyrus. If you compare Miley to My Little Ponies, most people would pick the ponies. For starters, the ponies are never going to change; they will stay the same age with the same personalities for the entire time. In contrast, Miley started off as a great role model for people, especially little girls when she was in Hannah Montana. Now however, she is up on stage, dancing very provocatively with a man wearing basically no clothes. What kind of example is she setting for all of her fans, no matter what age. The ponies however, can essentially never grow up unless the creators make them, and I do believe that if the creators do have the ponies grow up, they will not be doing anything nearly as close as what Miley has been up to.

            Another point that was brought up in the “Ballad of the Brony” video is the My Little Pony theme of “friendship is magic.” What better way to instill confidence in people then making the theme of the show something everyone wants. The show is using their main line to join all followers together and make the culture of pony lovers even greater. This idea of “friendship is magic” is something eveyone can relate to, no matter what age. Everyone wants friends because having friends makes life easier and more enjoyable. Another way they enforced this idea is when the pony with the crooked eyes was noticed, the show left it the way it was and even praised the pony’s imperfection. They were showing that people can have friends, no matter what one looks like, you will be accepted. What a better way to have a show then to instill insecurities everyone has and acknowledge that they are alright.

            Even though the Bronies culture is seen by some as creepy and pathetic, I believe they actually have the right idea. For once, a very large group of people is idolizing something that is not an embarrassment and something worth worshiping. It is rather ironic that the second a culture starts embracing a show that emphasizes a better way of life, people jump all over it because the not “proper” group of people are celebrating the show as well. Personally, I learned a lot from watching these brony videos and learning about their culture. I applaud the bronies because they are smarter than the rest of society; they are putting their efforts towards idolizing something that deserves to be idolized.